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The Key Dos & Don’ts of Juicing With Spirulina Powder – Tasty and Healthy!

Spirulina powder is an awesome juicing ingredient that can help create a nice and refreshing taste for fruit or vegetable juices. Rich in a wide variety of minerals (calcium, iron & magnesium) and vitamins (A, B, E & K) the powder can help promote our health. However, since it has an unusual taste and smell that is partly earthy, fish-like, and vegetable-like, it’s easy for your juice recipe to backfire when you don’t know how to correctly use the ingredient. So, here are the key Spirulina juicing dos and don’ts:


  1. Do Add Spirulina Powder to Any Fruit or Vegetable to Make Spirulina Juice

Spirulina powder goes well with any fruit or vegetable that can be juiced using a quality juicer like one of these. You may also mix different fruits together if you like. The best part is that there are certain fruits you may opt for that will suppress the unusual smell of the powder, such as cucumber, avocado, and mango. Vegetables are the best ingredients to combine with Spirulina, however, as they will significantly reduce the smell of Spirulina. Vegetables such as Kales, carrots, beets, broccoli, and cucumbers wouldn’t disappoint at this.

  1. Do Add Some Flavoring If Necessary

If you cannot handle Spirulina powder’s extraordinary aroma, you could use a good flavoring product to achieve a better aroma. The good news is that many different flavoring products mimicking the smells and flavors of different fruits as well as vegetables exist for buyers to choose from. From lemon and avocado to apple and banana, the list of flavors from which you can pick, depending on your favorite taste and preference is endless. From kale and carrot to beet and cucumber flavors, there is an endless array of vegetable-oriented flavoring options for you out there. You can check out these nice food flavoring options if you do not mind.

3. Do Store Your Spirulina Powder in a Cool, Dry & Dark Place

Store your Spirulina powder away from sunlight, heat, and moisture, otherwise, these elements will degrade your powder, causing it to spoil before its expiry date. The simplest way to store your powder is to put it in an airtight container and place that in your kitchen cabinet. You can check out these incredible products should you decide to shop for a better container.


1. Do Not Take Too Much Spirulina If You Have a Condition Known as “Phenylketonuria (PKU)”

Spirulina is rich in amino acid, which can worsen the condition called “Phenylketonuria (PKU)”, especially if taken in excess quantities. If worsened, the metabolic disorder in which the body can’t metabolize phenylalanine, may lead to various conditions, including seizures, intellectual disability, mental disorders, and behavioral problems. So, PKU patients need to consume Spirulina powder through juicing in moderation.



2. Do Not Buy Any Cheap Spirulina Powder

While many vendors sell Spirulina powder out there, it’s a good idea to know what you are buying. Do not let the price fool you because there are many cheap products out there made from raw materials contaminated with harmful bacteria, metals, or particles known as “microcystins.”

When consumed in high amounts, these substances can cause an unimaginable number of health risks, including diseases such as cancer, liver disease and so on.

Spirulina algae, the plant-like organisms loaded with iron and vitamins are the main raw material for Spirulina powder. These organisms can be found in different types of water bodies, including pure and polluted. Yet the most contaminated organisms are those present in impure waters.

With that knowledge at the back of your mind, you should always check the source of the algae that are used to make the powder first before buying it. If that information is missing and the vendor isn’t of much assistance either, move on to the next product, one after the other until you find the right one.

Final Thoughts

Spirulina powder can add to the taste and the help benefits offered by your fruit juice. However, to get the most out of the powder for your juicing needs and to avoid one of its worst side effects, you need to know how to handle it. Paying attention to the key dos and don’ts above will enable you to prepare the tastiest juice you’ve ever done with Spirulina, without putting your health at risk. Go ahead and give it a try now.

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